Friday, January 27, 2012

Mission: Impossible--Organizing a Sick Week

Normally I've got a good memory. I return library books on time (okay, mostly), I go to church during the right hour, and I even manage to feed my boys three times a day (plus snacks!) and put them in bed at a reasonable hour. This week, however, was different.

It started on Monday. I woke up sick. Mondays are laundry days, but the laundry languished, because I didn't want it to get all stinky in the washer and I knew with a muddled head I wouldn't remember to move it out of the washer. On Wednesday my baby had a doctor's appointment that ended up giving him five shots. Five needles. In his baby little legs. He couldn't look at the nurse after that without shaking his head and saying "no, no, no" in a sad voice, and he hasn't want me to put him down since.

So I forgot to return my library books on Wednesday. I forgot a meeting I was supposed to attend on Thursday. And either my right arm is going to get really strong, or it's going to fall off, because I have an eighteen-month-old permanently attached to my hip.

Anyway, after a week like this I'm not feeling super organized. But I did donate blood today. I finished my third rewrite of my second book, and there are nebulous plans about putting a calendar in my library/writing room. Plus I'm getting better--I can smell things again! and swallow orange juice without horrific stinging!--so I won't stay this disorganized forever. Right?

Well, the house might stay disorganized forever (or at least as long as my kids are under the age of five). But if I show up to my meetings and teaching wearing clothes that sort of match (with my kids also wearing sort-of-matching clothes! bonus!), no one will ever have to know about my house...

My children do not look this apologetic. But if I buy a blue polka-dot hat/dress combo, maybe things'll change...

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