Monday, December 3, 2012


Here is a secret: I don't like submitting my manuscript. I don't have a neat time of the day for it (I teach in the morning, watch two very cute children, write during nap time, and do chores-ish stuff after bedtime), which makes it like grading (no neat time for that, either), and I hate spending my writing time on queries. But this means that even though I love my second book I've only submitted it a little over a dozen places, and some of those places were referrals. So...I'd better get going! I DID suck it up and work on my query Saturday, and this means I will go and look up submission guidelines and get some queries out there. Right now. I'm going, I swear!

But I will leave you with this:

Yay for balloons!


  1. Submitting sucks. Knowing you're passionate about your work then that suggests there's something really good there. Keep submitting!

  2. Thanks! I got a partial request already, so that's heartening--and I appreciate other writers and their bravery submitting, too!