Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I shall post this video, instead of something more productive, because it is a celebration of surviving a dentist appointment! Also because wet cats are funny. You should've seen what our cat, Scout, did when she accidentally jumped into a full bathtub--she can leap really high, and my poor husband had a pretty scratched-up leg (he was in the aforementioned full bathtub, and it was our other cat, Ophelia, who chased her there). Anyway, happy wet cat watching!


  1. Nice one! It's amazing how some cats seem to love water, while most hate it. We've occasionally had to give a cat a bath, and it's not easy. First time, I couldn't believe how far her legs stretched out as she spreadeagled herself the width of the bath to stop herself from going in.

  2. Bathing cats can be violent, we're lucky our present cat doesn't mind too much.