Friday, November 23, 2012

Stuffing and Trucks

Apparently the kitchen can be an exciting place for a four-year-old. Cornstarch's texture, separating egg whites and egg yolks, tearing up bread for stuffing...this is all very entertaining. Although we had to be construction vehicles the entire time, I'm happy to say that one of my sons can actually be helpful with cooking. The two-year-old has some skills (snitching, making very fast and happy messes), but he does not earn full-fledged construction vehicle status*.

From here, based on a search for one of my son's favorite TV shows when he was three--the Canadian-made Mighty Machines. I would've found talking trucks boring at the same age...I was more into witches and magic. Fortunately, trucks are a much easier thing to spot when you're, say, stuck in traffic.
* I get full status. My name is Katie. I can be a dump truck or a claw-stirrer truck**.

**This is how you get pies and appetizers and stuffing done with two children. Achievement unlocked!


  1. I have a four-year-old too. We do everything Diesel 10-style (Thomas the Tank Engine) - pinchy claws are very handy in the kitchen. :))

    1. Diesel 10 is probably a very similar style, even though you'd think trucks and trains would be different. And pinchy claws are awesome!