Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ode to my new rubric

You are too simple
and not very good
but now I grade faster
than I should
and since I don't feel like grading at all

I never use straight-up rubrics for the main essays (I write comments on those), but I figure I can for the in-class midterm thingy. It should make me grade faster than 20 minutes or more per essay. Maybe I can get them done in less than an hour! I can dream...


  1. How many students and what are the lengths of the essays?

  2. There's 27 students, and the midterms were as many handwritten pages as they felt they needed (usually 2 to 5). Most of the essays for the class are between 3 and 10 pages, depending on the assignment. But I'm done for right now--yay!--so I am happy. :)