Thursday, November 15, 2012


So. It's getting close to Christmas. Also close to the time my four-year-old turns five. And...well, he wants an entire toy store. We walk through any sort of toy section, and he makes sure he points out everything that would be exciting for him to buy. Do you know how much merchandise Star Wars and Angry Birds together produce? And Lego? Oh, and then there's dinosaurs, and My Little Ponies, and weaponry, and sports stuff...

I'm glad we don't have normal TV with commercials and everything, or I might go mad. Does anyone know a cure for a poor cute four-year-old suffering from I-want-everything-titis?

This is when he was three. He asked Santa for "a bucket of Stormtroopers" and that's it. I suspect the list will be a little longer this year!

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