Wednesday, October 17, 2012

E-book Reader

After my son got sick, and then took amoxicillin to get better, and then reacted to the medication with a leopard-spot swelling of hives, I have started to consider buying an e-reader. I need books, especially when I am in front of the TV all day watching Elmo, who is a fine furry monster in his own way but doesn't interest me like, say, Tiffany Aching. And maybe (this is justifying the purchase) I could use it to respond to student scholarship essays. Oh! And also critique partners (I have critique partners with books that are very hard for me to leave on the computer screen because I want to read them all the way through really really fast now!). I could help them!

Okay. See, now that you know all the reasons I need one, do you have any suggestions? Kindle Fire? Nook to support Barnes and Noble? A tablet like the Nexus? I would love to hear anything about any one of them--especially from a reader/writer's point of view!

(Now Cookie Monster is a Muppet who is interesting. I have to admit that I look up from even a Terry Pratchett book (usually) when that big blue glutton comes on screen!)


  1. First, I'm happy your son recovered. It really tugs at my heart when a child's hurting. About your reader -- hmm, hard to say. I have the basic Kindle which serves me well. However, I recently bought a Nook tablet that blew me away with all it can do. For me the combo works as I like to access Amazon's book but am not that fond of Amazon in general. It's all so subjective so it's hard to say.

    1. It tugs my heart, too! So you have a Kindle AND a Nook? Hm. That would allow for supporting mortar bookstores and getting access to Amazon's books. And two e-readers might be cheaper than one Nexus, and there won't be Angry Birds to worry about! Thanks, Kittie. :)