Friday, August 17, 2012

Back from vacation!

We survived! Three items of interest:

I'm almost done revising my second book. I'm being cautious with this one--I submitted fifteen queries, got some full and revision requests, and stopped submitting while I got to work. And I like what I'm doing! On good days (today!) I love revisions...

School starts soon. School. Yikes? Yay? I cannot decide.

We're having another baby boy this December or January! Again, this is a yikes or yay sort of thing, because now there will be three of them and they will outnumber us, so we might possibly be doomed. I will let you know!

Happy Friday afternoon!

Look! It's my parents and our two sons, just to prove we were in the same state. AND we got both boys to wear ties for my mom while sort of holding still. Hooray!


  1. Congrats on the former and latter, and courage for the second and third :0) It's definitely a boy? How exciting!

    And also exciting is the second book revisions going well. Going through revisions for me is more of a headache than anything else, lol. Good luck with it all!!

    1. Sophie! Yes. Definitely a boy. And it is exciting, because I (sort of) know what to do!

      I think you'd like the second book revisions! They can be a headache, but when they're going well...that's a nice feeling. If you send me your WIP, I'll send you my second one when I finish it again! cream? I don't think I can get ice cream to England very well. But I want to read your book whenever you're ready, because you are awesome! :D

    2. Just saw this - bad blogger this month (See blog!)

      Edits have fallen behind a bit, but when it's polished, I'll definitely want your opinion, because let's face it, you're awesome.

      And I definitely want to read yours. Now that I'm an Intern, it'll be interesting to see what I've got to say, *Mwahaha*

      Just kidding :0)

    3. Yay! I shall send mine once it's finished, and I'll read yours once you're ready. I'm excited for both!