Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My (late) A-Z retrospective

Whew! The end of my semester at AMES (the fourth-best high school in Utah!) overlaps with the beginning of my semester for the U of U summer course (next week), so I've been crazy-busy. I have to say, though, that the people I've met through both A to Z and the Writer's Voice blog fest are amazing writers--and kind, too, which is awesome!


A-Z took up time I maybe kind of should've been writing on my WIP, but Paint is an awful lot of fun. I'd open it each day, Google the monsters on my list (the list was the only thing I did in advance!), pick one, draw it, and write a quick blurb. Writing was actually the hardest part for me, since I do that so much for my work and my creative outlet. Drawing pictures was kind of a relief! Oh, and the best part of the blog fest was the people with smart blogs about food or culture or libraries or books--and the fact that some of those people started comment-conversations with me! I connected even more with some the bloggers I already followed, too, which made me happy. And my son started drawing! On his own! This also made me smile.

I have to admit I'm glad it's over, but that's mostly because of the overlapping-semesters thing. Next April I will probably join again. Maybe. And my Paint pictures will be even worse. (This is not really a threat, just a truth--I'll most likely be holding a two-year-old and a five-year-old by next April).

Oh, and the Writer's Voice blog fest inspired me to tighten my query more before I start submitting, so yay for that! I love my manuscript, and I'm excited to show it to people!

Bye, A-Z! I posted this song in honor of you.


  1. Your Challenge posts were lots of fun! I had a great time in April, but it took up lots of my precious free time too. I didn't write anything new. So now I've got to get typing this month!

  2. You've won the sunshine award! This is a blogging award to bring some sunshine (and a bit of camaraderie) to your blog and pay it forward. Details on my blog here: