Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Okay. Today was a crazy I-had-to-call-911-for-the-first-time-but-hooray-everyone's-safe! kind of day, but may I say that I'm loving fall? Or that reading Harry Potter to my six-year-old makes it more magical than ever before? Or that, while I'm too lazy to upload my photos of the pumpkins outside our house right now, for some reason I'm willing to draw them on Paint?

I swear I'll post a real picture later. Maybe.
Hooray for books!


  1. There's something so magical about autumn when your kids are really young. It's all that nostalgia combined with getting to experience it anew with them. Enjoy (sounds like you are)!

    1. I love the red and orange and yellow leaves so much more when I'm crunching through them with my boys. Fall is fun with kids...there's decorating sugar cookies and carving pumpkins and trick or treating! And I think you're right about the nostalgia, too :)