Friday, May 23, 2014

Grading zombie

My three-year-old has an ear infection.

This may not seem like much, but for him it is a world-shatteringly big deal. He needs medicine at night, and snuggles all day, and we watch lots and lots of Cars (and Cars 2).

I also teach every day for the next few weeks. If you see a full-time teacher, give them something nice--cash, maybe, or a chocolate that can give them a bubble bath and a massage, because they work so hard.

Worst thing, though, is the grading.

The 6-8-page argument essays nearly killed me. I'm pretty sure that the 27 analyses on Thoreau's "Walking" that I picked up today and have to finish in a single weekend will finish the job. Hopefully I'll come back.

Because if I do reanimate at the end of next week, the madness will be over! Well, probably. Once three-year-old's immune system finally wins the siege. And I catch up on sleep. Until then...

THIS is pretty accurate. At least I still know the letter B, right?


  1. Sending you cyber-chocolate and cookies!!! Push through the pain.... there might be a reward at the end!
    ~ S

    1. Thanks, Sophie! Mmm...cyber chocolate and cyber cookies...