Monday, January 27, 2014

Where should you live?

I've lived in Utah for thirteen years now.

Thirteen years.

I was born in Utah, moved to Phoenix, Arizona as a baby, got dragged to Seattle as a six-year-old (I went to three elementary schools in first grade), and then came back to Utah for college when I turned eighteen.

That's six years in a super-hot city in Arizona, twelve years in the drizzly green northwest, and thirteen years in Utah.

I bring all this up because we can sell our house this year. We bought with a first time "here's some money from the federal government but if you sell in the first five years after buying you have to give it all back or we will KEEEEL YOU" thing, and since we put all the moneys into carpet and fixing warped water-damaged wooden floors, me and my husband decided that staying put was a good idea. But in August our parole time is up. And so I took this quiz to see where I should live.

The answer is London. Or Paris.

I like the four seasons we get here. But the air pollution in the Salt Lake winter is scary (I like my mountains to not be shrouded in brownish-deadly fog), and there's a part of me that longs for adventure. London or Paris would be an adventure...especially with three kids in tow.

And therein lies the getajob-sellthehouse-findahouse-pack!load!drive! scariness. Yikes!

This is more along the lines of what fog should look like. And trees. There must be trees.


  1. I'm coming up on 14 years of living in Utah. The funny thing is I can technically live anywhere since I write full-time, and we've taken advantage of that fact. I found out quickly that I am a true Westerner, though. I agree that the pollution in the valley here is completely out of control, which makes me seriously contemplate living in the mountains. Paris and London sound much too crowded for my tastes, but that's just my preferences, which are only worth something to me. Good luck figuring out where you want to be!

    1. I think I'm a true Westerner, too. Paris and London, while awesome to visit, would take a huge adjustment--and I don't think following an internet quiz to determine something that big is a good idea! I may head back to the Northwest, but we'll see. Congrats on writing full-time, and if you ever move to the mountains, you'll have to let me know if the air is less scary-brown!