Monday, July 15, 2013

The ability to edit...

A virus on my computer prevented me from changing text in emails or on blog posts for almost six months. This was horrible. I'd reread a sentence, or think of something I wanted to insert, and it would take me almost five minutes to stick my cursor in the right place. Then half the time it wouldn't let me do anything, and I was stuck there just imagining the ways that sentence could be better, had I the ability to actually make it so.

The virus is fixed as of this weekend. But it taught me how wonderful change can be, and how much first drafts should never be my only drafts, and...well, in short, yay for rewriting!

The image is from this post, which neatly defines rewriting (for screenwriters, but it applies to all of us who like to mess with words).


  1. Wow, what torture that must have been!

    I personally am a fan of revision time, and I am currently itching to get back to at least one of my MANY projects. And yet I have some other stuff I need to do before I get back to my writing :)

    1. Many projects...sounds intriguing. Good luck with your revisions. It's a good thing you like them. :)