Friday, November 25, 2011

Grateful: Days 3, 4, and 5

Oops!  I guess having a Thanksgiving at our house on Wednesday at our house and another (possibly more official, day-wise) Thanksgiving yesterday at my in-law's house made it so I did not update my blog.  At all.  Hopefully you were so full of turkey and pie you didn't notice! Except I should probably delete this intro...

Let's see.  On Day 3 I felt especially grateful for the family I grew up in.  Brilliant parents, three awesome and hilarious little sisters, and traditions that I still love.  I am sort of homesick for Seattle right now, but seeing my sister and her husband and his brother made me super happy, because they are, as I mentioned, hilarious and awesome. Yay family!

Day 4: I married into a huge family.  Fourteen kids (counting my husband, who's right in the middle), with over thirty nieces and nephews between all of them.  We have the best time playing games, chatting, sharing food, helping our children run on the is pretty much the happiest exhaustion ever, and I love it!

Day 5: Wow, there's lots more I should add.  Books, creativity, our house, lots of tasty food, cats, education, cars, friends, games, libraries...I'm sure I'm missing something completely obvious that I should talk about, but right now I'm most grateful for my friendships with people I've never physically seen.  The Absolute Write Forums helped me meet so many wonderful writers, and I've got amazing critique partners in the UK and all across the United States!  The internet allows me to toss ideas over to New York and get them back within a day, and I've encountered so many incredible support groups and agents and blogs in the past year that I feel truly lucky.  So if you leave comments, or silently lurk-read (usually me), or send me your wonderful stories for feedback (yay!), or blog or post on the forums...thank you, and have a happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

I am planning on putting up our Christmas tree today or tomorrow, which will be so much fun with our three-year-old and (gulp) baby!  I waited until after Thanksgiving, though.  Aren't you proud of me?


  1. I'm eating ice cream while I read your blog. For consistency's sake I thought I would add an em dash to this comment, but even after perusing the Wikipedia site that explains the different dashes, I still don't understand how to use an en dash vs. a figure dash vs. a figure dash.

  2. I meant "an em dash vs. a figure dash vs. an en dash."

  3. I had to share the love and let others know about your blog. Come check it out on mine.

    Luv ;D

  4. A lot to be grateful for. Enjoy the season -Kelly

  5. Monica: Eating ice cream while reading = better reading experience! I'll have to explain the difference sometime. With pictures. Although dashes are complicated little beasties, the em-dash is one I use way too often in fiction--like this! I find it sleek and cute and fun. :)

    Wily: Thank you! I've been meaning to update my sidebar, and I hadn't yet, but I will right now! Or, technically, as soon as I finish this comment... :)

    Gene Pool Diva: Welcome! I'm glad I get a chance to reflect on everything this time of year. I shall check out your blog, too!

  6. Sounds like you had some awesome Thanksgiving celebrations. Wow, your husband's family is huge, and I can just picture the fun and chaos! It's amazing that you have any energy left and are putting up your tree today! I bet your three-year-old had a blast helping you!