Monday, July 18, 2011


I don't know what to blog about today: about my second book, and how the first draft's almost done, and how I love revising?  About two little boys on the floor with upside down pots and a variety of kitchen utensils trying to find a rhythm of there own?  About how Ginger Clark requested the first fifty pages of my manuscript, or about the firework fountains we lit in the sunlight, or about the yellow-and-black butterfly I watched with my boys as raspberries burst on our tongues?

I'm in a scattered sort of mood.  It is summer--the hummingbirds buzz through our backyard, and I should write another query, but right now I'm too content to work on anything but fiction.

Okay, I'll write a blog post, too.  But it must be brief, and have a picture of a butterfly...


  1. Congrats on the request!! Ginger Clark is supposedly super selective so that alone is a brilliant achievement :0) And also congrats on almost completing the first draft of your second manuscript! That is also amazing. And if you like revising then the fun part is coming up. I do think revising can be a little easier in a way than writing because at least you have the bones down rather than empty white space :0) Hug those boys for me lol they're already creative like their mama!

  2. Thanks, Sophie! I do like revision--I'm definitely a write-as-you-go sort of person, so my first drafts are never very polished. I love making them good, focusing on each character and section until I feel they're strong. I'm excited that you're starting new works as well! Oh, and my three-year-old said he'd be an agent for you, because he likes witches and he doesn't want you to be sad. His agenting involves ice cream, although probably no publication. :)

  3. Hahaha, I'll take him :0) Bless his little heart, that really made me grin. You've got a good'un there!